35mm: Double Drop Triptych

35mm: Double Drop Triptych
Camera: Samsung Panorama Slim Zoom 1150 – Kentmere 400 asa black & white negative film

drops 1Held back from the edge
Conflicted thoughts resurface
All reasoning – Gone

drops 3Ignoring all signs
Looking for new ways to fail
I find perspective

drops 2

Born faithless – Sold sin
Empty wallet to save soul
Gods don’t pay taxes

Polaroids: Sacred Heart Triptych

Polaroids: Sacred Heart Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – impossible project (out of date) colour film]

A horrible amalgamation of Jesus & his mum appeared in my living-room.   Looks lit he’s got heartburn tbh.

jesusmarytriptych-1Stay in bed too long
Be disgusted by yourself

Try and leave the house

jesusmarytriptych-2Struggle to find sleep
Ruminate relationships
Drink too much coffee

jesusmarytriptych-3Medicate yourself
Contemplate morality
Alone – gulping wine

Polaroids: Religion/Television/Death Triptych

Polaroids: Religion/Television/Death Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid 600 – impossible project colour film]




– Religion : Television : Diminution –