Polaroids: Forest Triptych

Polaroids: Forest Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid Image (full switch) – expired Impossible Project film]

darkness 1Eulogy scribbled
On a torn brown envelope
“Never been sorry”
darkness 2
The strict moral code
Imposed on others – We fail
To follow ourselves

darkness 3Cluttering the mind –
Thoughts to keep the bad ones out
No solace – no sleep

Polaroids: Unexplained Broadcast Triptych

Polaroids: Unexplained Broadcast Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid Spectra Full Switch –  expired impossible project film]


IMG_20170313_0033 IMG_20170313_0034 IMG_20170313_0035

Polaroids: Expired Image/Spectra Film Triptych

Polaroids: Expired Image/Spectra Film Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid Image with Close Up Stand – expired Polaroid film]

These were shot on expired Polaroid film using a Polaroid Image (full switch) camera with a Close-Up 7500 stand attachment.

The “full switch” version of the Image/Spectra camera feature sliders for exposure control, flash, AutoFocus, sound override, self-timer and a feet or meters distance selector. While the one switch version allows you to control only the exposure.

Image/Spectra/1200 type film is a wider format than the usual 600/sx-70 Polaroid film (9.2 x 7.3 cm vs 7.9 x 7.9 cm).  This film expired 02/05 which has given the prints a dreamy pastel colouring along with undeveloped patches and vertical stripes of colour.  This is all down to the thickening, evaporation and ageing of the emulsion due to the film being out of date and/or badly stored.

IMG_20160821_0004 fixed     IMG_20160806_0005 fixed  IMG_20160811_0002 fixed