Polaroids: Eldritch Toys Triptych

Polaroids: Eldritch Toys Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – expired impossible project film]

I took these Polaroids at The Barras Market (Glasgow).

eldritchdolls-1Spattered on the wall
Bright red on cheap white plaster
Bleeding myself dry

eldritchdolls-2Spend too long dreaming
Malcontent waiting for change
Instead of living

eldritchdolls-3Knuckles grazed in rage
Naturally peaceful hands
Artlessly grasp hope

Polaroids: Kittens in SPACE Triptych

Polaroids: Kittens in SPACE Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – impossible project film]

Absolute KITTENS IN SPACE + 3 terrible sci-fi haiku.

kittensinspace-1I am your father
Look at family photos
Resemblence is strong kittensinspace-2A five year mission
To bang sexy aliens
But never phone home kittensinspace-3Seeking space pussy
Where no man has came before
Go bold or go home

Polaroids: Black Bra Triptych

Polaroids: Black Bra Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – impossible project (expired) monochrome film]

Lovely wee set of three photos I took of a friend earlier this year with some Haiku about breasts, STDs & cum (in that order).


bra-1-copyAs you come undone
Hook by hook – i’m an addict
And I need my fix
bra-2-copyUnlike suffragettes
It won’t be your bra that is
Burning tomorrow
bra-3-copySeamen timpani
Drumming on your chest and neck
Love note wet wiped off

Polaroids: Halloween Triptych

Polaroids:  Halloween Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – impossible project BW film  – out of date 2/16]


halloween-1Sexy Halloween
I can not understand why
Some people slut shame

halloween-2What have you come as?
An existential nightmare –
Help find my meaning

halloween-3 Nothing scarier
On the night of Halloween
than life grown-up

Polaroids: Wytches Triptych

Polaroids: Wytches Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid 600 – impossible project film  – double exposure]

Halloween is soon…  So I took these right sPoOky witchy double exposure Polaroids and wrote a triptych of haiku about witches  n shagging and probably some other things too like despair, loneliness and euphemisms for vagina.  One love. xoxox

Cast a spell with looks
Love potions not rohypnol
In your warm cauldron

Succubus seduce
This keen heart – so willingly
Bewitched by beauty


Trial by ordeal
My entire life – ending
Without miracle

Polaroids: Snapchat Filters for Polaroid Triptych

Polaroids: Snapchat Filters for Polaroid Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – impossible project 600 colour film (out of date – 11/15)]

OMFG just worked out how to get Snapchat filters for Polaroid.


Butterfly halo
Airbrushes, slims and sparkles
And that is okay


A crown of flowers
Can’t alter promiscuity –
So don’t be stupid


I’m a little dog
It doesn’t make me a hoe
I look cute AF

Polaroids: Redemption Triptych

Polaroids: Redemption Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid Impulse AF – impossible project 600 colour film (out of date – 11/14)]

Immoral sex acts –
Slowly digging your own grave
With favours of flesh

redemption 1Gratify desires
Tie up heavy burdens – then
Remove your panties

redemption 2Compassionate heart
Casting off darkness in light
Corrupted by faith

redemption 3The sun still rises
On the wicked and unjust
So do what you love


[Camera: Polaroid Impulse Portrait – impossible project 600 colour film]

E.U. exit plan
is dystopian future  –
you can smoke in pubs

no more immigrants
close down the borders – nation
of jobless racists

Britain votes to leave
manufacturing is dead
oil is now worthless


oil2 oil1


Polaroids: SALES // BROKEN // REPAIR
[Camera: Polaroid Impulse Portrait – impossible project 600 colour film]

An early morning diversion took me passed an old electronic store.  It was closed and it’s shutters were down.  I only glanced at it as I went by on a bus and saw what looked like an interesting painted typeface on the shutters.  It reminded me of photos of 1970s New York and I thought it would make a nice Polaroid or two.  Worried the shop would be open and the shutters up by the time I’d nipped home to grab my camera I hurried back.   On my return the shutters were still down, reading the services advertised – among them sales of cassettes and video repairs – I would guess the shutters haven’t been up in a long time.

The walk home brought me to an abandoned ‘Computer Play’ arcade machine.  This graffitied relic sits dead outside a newsagent in Govanhill unloved & unplugged.  RIP my childhood.