Polaroids: Candle Wax Triptych

Polaroids: Candle Wax Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 –  impossible project b/w film]


candle 1

Burning at both ends
Casts more shadows in darkness
Than a light snuffed out

candle 2

Haunted by failure
Therapeutic bloodletting
Through creative veins
candle 3This elapsing life
“Remember me as a cunt”
’til death do we art.

Polaroids: Dominance Triptych

Polaroids: Dominance Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 –  expired impossible project monochrome film]

Took these Polaroids of a friend on Impossible Project red & black monochrome film.

dom_set1 (1) v2Pay lip service to
Other hearts – wrap actions in
False Naiveté
dom_set1 (2) v2

Secret shame wishes
Delivering abuse through
dom_set1 (3) v2Depressing display
Defiance shaped – garnering
Adverse reactions


Polaroids: FUN Triptych


Polaroids: FUN Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – expired impossible project film]

Some looners pop balloons while others protect them. C’Est la Vie innit.

fun triptych (1)

An awkward escape
Squeezed from a tightening grip
To a lonesome pop fun triptych (2)
Wrist bound with ribbon
As your pursed lips tease the tip
Blow me ’til I burstfun triptych (3)

Problems left behind
Floating through the city sky
Looner goes lunar


Polaroids: Black Bra Triptych

Polaroids: Black Bra Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – impossible project (expired) monochrome film]

Lovely wee set of three photos I took of a friend earlier this year with some Haiku about breasts, STDs & cum (in that order).


bra-1-copyAs you come undone
Hook by hook – i’m an addict
And I need my fix
bra-2-copyUnlike suffragettes
It won’t be your bra that is
Burning tomorrow
bra-3-copySeamen timpani
Drumming on your chest and neck
Love note wet wiped off

Polaroids: Redemption Triptych

Polaroids: Redemption Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid Impulse AF – impossible project 600 colour film (out of date – 11/14)]

Immoral sex acts –
Slowly digging your own grave
With favours of flesh

redemption 1Gratify desires
Tie up heavy burdens – then
Remove your panties

redemption 2Compassionate heart
Casting off darkness in light
Corrupted by faith

redemption 3The sun still rises
On the wicked and unjust
So do what you love