35mm: Church of Christ Triptych

35mm: Church of Christ Triptych
Camera: Canon EOS 1000f SLR on reverse wound AGFA Vista Plus 200 (shot between 50-100)

churchofgod (1)Paint the windows shut
Censoring intimacy
Suppressing promise

churchofgod (2)
Habitual sin –
Pleasure ends with a crashing
Harmonic cadence

churchofgod (3)
Selfhood gulled, had, hoaxed
Everyday is punishment
For the living dead

(top and bottom – Castlemilk, Glasgow.  middle – Glasgow City Centre)

Polaroids: Redemption Triptych

Polaroids: Redemption Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid Impulse AF – impossible project 600 colour film (out of date – 11/14)]

Immoral sex acts –
Slowly digging your own grave
With favours of flesh

redemption 1Gratify desires
Tie up heavy burdens – then
Remove your panties

redemption 2Compassionate heart
Casting off darkness in light
Corrupted by faith

redemption 3The sun still rises
On the wicked and unjust
So do what you love