35mm: Church of Christ Triptych

35mm: Church of Christ Triptych
Camera: Canon EOS 1000f SLR on reverse wound AGFA Vista Plus 200 (shot between 50-100)

churchofgod (1)Paint the windows shut
Censoring intimacy
Suppressing promise

churchofgod (2)
Habitual sin –
Pleasure ends with a crashing
Harmonic cadence

churchofgod (3)
Selfhood gulled, had, hoaxed
Everyday is punishment
For the living dead

(top and bottom – Castlemilk, Glasgow.  middle – Glasgow City Centre)

Polaroids: Sacred Heart Triptych

Polaroids: Sacred Heart Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – impossible project (out of date) colour film]

A horrible amalgamation of Jesus & his mum appeared in my living-room.   Looks lit he’s got heartburn tbh.

jesusmarytriptych-1Stay in bed too long
Be disgusted by yourself

Try and leave the house

jesusmarytriptych-2Struggle to find sleep
Ruminate relationships
Drink too much coffee

jesusmarytriptych-3Medicate yourself
Contemplate morality
Alone – gulping wine