Fujifilm Instax: Amusements Triptych

Fujifilm Instax: Amusements Triptych
[Camera: Fujifilm Instax 100]

amusements 1
Listening to stars
That cold whispered voice gives chills
You fade into dreams

amusements 2
Love automatic
Be the whore you once promised
Let ambition die

amusements 3
Behind a smoke screen
Singing the praises of wolves
When control feels lost

Coin-Operated – Arcade Machines, Glasgow

Coin-Operated – Arcade Machines, Glasgow
[Chinatown, Cowcaddens]

These photos were taken in the Chinatown Mall, Glasgow.
Four accompanying haiku document my early sexual experiences.

Fifty pence per play
Clammy hands on warm joysticks
While button flicking

Feeling the pressure
Friends watching over shoulder
Only one life left


Hammering controls
A new challenger enters
Knock out! – play again?

The countdown begins
Insert coins to continue
Lost it –  GAME OVER