Polaroids: SALES // BROKEN // REPAIR
[Camera: Polaroid Impulse Portrait – impossible project 600 colour film]

An early morning diversion took me passed an old electronic store.  It was closed and it’s shutters were down.  I only glanced at it as I went by on a bus and saw what looked like an interesting painted typeface on the shutters.  It reminded me of photos of 1970s New York and I thought it would make a nice Polaroid or two.  Worried the shop would be open and the shutters up by the time I’d nipped home to grab my camera I hurried back.   On my return the shutters were still down, reading the services advertised – among them sales of cassettes and video repairs – I would guess the shutters haven’t been up in a long time.

The walk home brought me to an abandoned ‘Computer Play’ arcade machine.  This graffitied relic sits dead outside a newsagent in Govanhill unloved & unplugged.  RIP my childhood.


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