Polaroids: Shared Sorrow Triptych

Polaroids: Shared Sorrow Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – expired Impossible Project film]

hands (1)Poisoning of minds
More intense this suffering
Pity, shame and guilt
hands (2)
Shared sorrow over
Sexual revelations –
Forestall transmition

hands (3)Eulogy written
On a torn envelope reads
 “never been sorry”

Polaroids: FUN Triptych


Polaroids: FUN Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – expired impossible project film]

Some looners pop balloons while others protect them. C’Est la Vie innit.

fun triptych (1)

An awkward escape
Squeezed from a tightening grip
To a lonesome pop fun triptych (2)
Wrist bound with ribbon
As your pursed lips tease the tip
Blow me ’til I burstfun triptych (3)

Problems left behind
Floating through the city sky
Looner goes lunar