Polaroids: Halloween Triptych

Polaroids:  Halloween Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid SLR 680 – impossible project BW film  – out of date 2/16]


halloween-1Sexy Halloween
I can not understand why
Some people slut shame

halloween-2What have you come as?
An existential nightmare –
Help find my meaning

halloween-3 Nothing scarier
On the night of Halloween
than life grown-up

Polaroids: Wytches Triptych

Polaroids: Wytches Triptych
[Camera: Polaroid 600 – impossible project film  – double exposure]

Halloween is soon…  So I took these right sPoOky witchy double exposure Polaroids and wrote a triptych of haiku about witches  n shagging and probably some other things too like despair, loneliness and euphemisms for vagina.  One love. xoxox

Cast a spell with looks
Love potions not rohypnol
In your warm cauldron

Succubus seduce
This keen heart – so willingly
Bewitched by beauty


Trial by ordeal
My entire life – ending
Without miracle